Made in Hawaii 001 Vintage Hawaiian Shirt

The flowers of the bombax tree bloom during the month of March in Hawaii. Their striking appearance has been likened to an exploding rocket. Designer Vera Stone Cook created this design for Kamehamea Sportswear who made both men’s and women’s garments in this stunning four way floral design. The blossoms were hand painted in their glory and combined with the words: “Aloha”, “Bombax Tree” and “Hawaii”.

Vera was originally a designer in New York creating rugs, drapery fabrics, and dishware patterns for the Marshall Fields department stores in Chicago. In 1948, while on a three week vacation in the Hawaiian Islands she never left, captivated with the opportunity to create tropical designs for local garment manufacturers like Kamehameha, Lauhala Sportswear and other leading manufacturers.


1950's Bamboo Buttons Rayon
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