Andrade 010 Vintage Hawaiian Shirt

Asian fishermen use exceptionally long bamboo poles to navigate their rather imaginary craft in a large Hokusai-like ocean of large cresting waves. The fishermen wear matching red shorts and matching red conical hats.  The woven straw “Rice Paddy” hats were called Sugegasa and provided the fishermen protection from the spray, sun and rain. They were kept on with a cloth like chinstrap in the high and windy seas.

The design is a four-way print, meaning that the design’s main elements were originally painted in four directions,  some of the main elements are right side up, some upside down and others are sideways.  This design layout needed to be carefully executed to work all the elements into the fabric repeat.

An all-over marker could be used in the cutting room as it did not matter how the elements were arranged or appeared on the garments. This assured that the spreading of the fabric, cutting and sewing operations were very efficient and cost effective for the garment maker.

1950's Plastic Buttons Rayon
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